My name is Mila Marinova, and I am currently an associate researcher in cognition and neuroscience at the University of Luxembourg and a voluntary associate researcher at KU Leuven (Belgium). I hold a doctorate in psychology from KU Leuven and an M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from New Bulgarian University.

My work is primarily experimental and positioned at the intersection of cognitive-developmental psychology and neuroscience. My narrow areas of expertise encompass numerical processing in children and adults, developing and attaining numerical and mathematical competencies, conceptual learning of numbers, sex differences in mathematics, multilingualism, and learning in a multilingual environment. My broader research interests include neurocognitive development, emotion, language processing, learning, and neurocognitive research methods. You can learn more about my scientific work and professional competencies from my CV and ORCID.

I am also very passionate about scientific outreach and public science education. The contents of this website reflect my firm belief that scientific discoveries are not meant to gather dust in scientific journals but should make their way into people’s lives. By pulling together scientific findings from various fields of psychology (clinical, social, behavioural, experimental, etc.).

I strive to provide science-based tools and consulting for optimizing people’s personal and professional lives at individual and group levels. These tools are often based on cognitive and behavioural practices and are free of charge. I always strive for precision in my posts. But science is a dynamic endeavour; things are never that simple, and my posts can never be exhaustive. So, your feedback is always welcome! 

No matter where you are coming from and where you are going, I sincerely hope the contents of this page will not only spark (or even reinforce) your interest in science but will be useful to you on your way to personal (and/or professional) transformation and improvement. Enjoy!

*This website, its contents, and its activities are independent of my professional responsibilities at the institutions I am academically affiliated with.
*Posts are not medical advice.